While we can’t actually print money, we can do the next best thing, and that is cheques!

(and save you some money while we are at at it!)

Company or personal cheques, we do them all. With our painless order process, you’ll have your cheques ordered in no time and our competitive rates will keep more money in your pocket.

What we need from you:

  • a VOIDED cheque (more specifically the funny looking digits at the bottom of a cheque)
  • Are they handwritten or computer generated?
  • If computer generated, what program do you use? (we also do custom layouts as well)

From there, we can assist you in making sure the proper cheque is printed for your needs. All of our cheques are CPA compliant (Canadian Payment Association,) so your cheques are guaranteed to meet your bank or credit union’s requirements.

While you are ordering some cheques, make sure to inquire about saving the HST on your #10 or #9 envelope orders through till August 31, 2011. Contact me today for more information!

(UPDATE: Are your cheques SECURE?)

Here is a typical manual cheque

Here is a typically manual cheque

Here is a computer fed cheque with 2 stubs

Here is a computer generated cheque with 2 stubs